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All of our Mama Rising Facilitators bring their own unique skills, trainings and gifts to their coaching...

because Matrescence affects all areas of our life and in so many different ways.

Do you want to process a difficult pregnancy or birth?
Are you feeling the strains of parenthood in your marriage?
Is it your impending return to work that's keeping you up at night?
Or perhaps you just feel like you've lost yourself since becoming a mama...
and don't know how to find yourself again?

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Melissa Blum

Emese Parker

Ellie Hambly

Rachel Parker

Grace Gulley

Diana Mauri Moldes

Celeste Lord

Dusk Liney

Emma Reddie

Shannon Gibbons

Jodie Abraham Asim

Jaclyn Bronsky

grace gulley

Ngombo Chansa-Isaacs

Markella Kaplani

Lisa Fox

Amanda Snyder

Hayley Janmaat

Shani Dickins

Samantha Sutherland

Hannah Ramsdale

Katrina Court

Ruth Martin

Schau Johanna

Rebecca Rose Flatley

Gillian Yuan

Hollie Swanton

Kendra Williams

Carla Daly-Morris

Emily Melendez

Kelley Reynard

Louise Berkhauer

Tricia King

Lucy O'Driscoll Edge

Kate Bowern

Helen Baker

Aroha Dillon

Brielle Thomson

Jaclyn Carlson

Melanie Lavender

Kristi Mae Rodelli

Elise Clement

Kelly Thistlethwaite

Katrina Thomson

Gemma Mercer

Angela Bottero

Hend ElQady

Sacha Russo

Katrina Hart

Laura Neilson