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Samantha Sutherland

Core Focus: Business/Corporate

A diversity and inclusion expert with a focus on gender equity, Samantha speaks and facilitates workshops for women's employee groups and whole-of-organisation solutions. Passionate and engaging, Samantha creates programs that make a real impact.
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Samantha Sutherland is a diversity and inclusion expert with a focus on gender equity. Her goal is to enable every woman to have lives and careers that are fulfilling and joyful, and to help create a world that works for working women.

She is also a skilled facilitator with extensive experience in stakeholder engagement.

In early 2021, Samantha conducted research into the impact of COVID on working women,
exploring the intersection between work and home life. It had almost 1300 responses from
women across Australia and received national media attention. She is now conducting further research into the experiences of working mothers in a project called Beyond the 9 to 5.

Samantha specialises in working with corporate clients, running women's leadership programs and whole of company solutions through speaking, coaching and workshops.



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Business/Corporate | Return to Work/Career 


Website: https://www.SamanthaSutherland.com.au