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Dusk Liney

Core Focus: Trauma/Grief 

I provide trauma-sensitive maternal care to honour our resilience, accompanying people through conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and matrescence as a doula, coach, peer support or educator.
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My special interest is trauma-sensitive maternal care to honour our resilience. This unfolds in three key ways:

#1. Doula support and matrescence coaching - for pregnancy, birth, postpartum and matrescence
I meet you where you are at and explore what feels most important to you in your motherhood/parenthood. Guided by the principles of resilience oriented, trauma sensitive care, some of the areas we may explore include are: safety, choice, collaboration, autonomy and power.

#2. Dear Dusk - a gentle place of companionship for survivors navigating motherhood / parenthood after trauma
I provide peer support for other survivors of SA and/or complex childhood trauma. It brings light to our unique experience of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and matrescence through an agony aunt style column. You are invited to read the column, reach out and recognise your story in each others.

#3. Practitioner support - education and training for maternal care providers like midwives, doulas and allied health care professionals
I discuss how to improve perinatal outcomes through trauma sensitive maternal care. Together we explore the principles, practices and benefits of resilience oriented care and how to bring your awareness to this in your everyday work.



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Motherhood | Postnatal | Preconception/Fertility | Pregnancy | Spirituality


Website: https://www.duskliney.com