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Through global education and advocacy, we are on a mission to give mothers everywhere the Village of support she should have - no matter her age, gender, sexuality or race - and revolutionise the way mothers and carers are seen, valued, and supported in our world.

The Mama Rising Movement was born out of a desire to revolutionise the way motherhood is seen, valued and supported in this world because the world really needs mamas to rise.

One of life’s most sacred, divine and challenging transitions, the shift from woman to mother deserves to be acknowledged, honoured and understood – and Matrescence Activists play a crucial part in providing meaningful support for women as they navigate this change.

Our approach to supporting mothers is unique: we guide them through the beauty and confusion of this discovery process and help them get to know themselves again - as a woman and as a mother.

Our Mama Rising Facilitators are trained in the very latest insights into Matrescence and redefine what our culture and society says makes a good mother.

How We Do it:

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Become a Mama Rising Facilitator

Training passionate activists and change makers as Mama Rising Facilitators to enable them to coach, support and empower both the mothers in their communities and the workplaces and social structures that support them.
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Search our directory of Accredited Facilitators and Coaches around the globe, specialising in key areas of motherhood, career, relationships, health and healing.
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Support our
Global Matrescence Foundation

Empowering our Mama Rising Ambassadors in key areas of the world and in under-represented communities to provide free coaching to women in need whilst ensuring our Mama Rising Facilitators continue to be paid above industry standards.
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Engage one of
our Work Place Facilitators

Educating and training workplaces, leaders, and change-makers in the breakthrough understanding of Matrescence and how we can better support ALL parents around the world.

Our Achievements

Since the first training in 2019, Mama Rising has grown to become the only
ICF-recognised coaching training based on the unique insight of matrescence and motherhood with over 200 trained coaches in more than 14 countries globally. 


Mama Rising Accredited Facilitators


Countries Around the Globe


Scholarships Awarded


Workplace Policies Changed

our coaches are trained to support and guide you in a number of areas:

Matrescence begins the moment you consider motherhood. Find a coach or doula to walk with you as you prepare for the birth of a new You.

The birth of your baby is also the birth of You. Find a coach or guide to support you in the first 40 days - and beyond.

We tell women they need to work like they aren't a mother, and mother like they don't work. Our coaches can support you to change that forever.

It shouldn't be all up to you. Find a coach to support you in redefining your role, your relationships, your worklife balance, and your happiness.

Motherhood changes how you feel about your body, sex and your partner. But it can also be a chance to change it for the better. Find a coach to support you.

Being Superwoman is not the answer to trying to 'do it all'. Before you run into that wall and burn yourself out, find a coach to redefine your values, your work, and your life.

– Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Mama Rising Creator and Matresence Educator and Activist

What is Matrescence?

As Dr Aurelie Athan first described, Matrescence is like adolescence: It is a time in a woman’s life when everything changes - her whole identity shifts.

When a woman becomes a mother, she splits in two: who she used to be, and the Mother she is.

And unless we honour that radical shift, she will get lost trying to figure out who she is now.

Support for Mothers

Most in Need

So often, mothers who would most benefit from coaching support can not access or afford it, and the coaches who could support these mothers can not continue to do provide pro-bono coaching, as it is not financially viable long term.

Our solution?

By partnering with social impact aware organisations and funders, we can continue to pay our Mama Rising coaches above industry standard rates to work in disadvantaged communities of mothers around the world, whilst ensuring the mamas who most need it have access to coaching and support.

Meet our First Global Ambassador...

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Meet Our Founder

Hay House authorjournalist, international award-winning coach  + Matrescence Activist. Amy has spent more than a decade trying to find ways to stop the overwhelm of modern motherhood (and taking it out on her family) and she is here to show you exactly what works.

As a producer with more than 15 years experience at the ABC, Amy brings the research and dedication of a journalist to the passion of an anthropologist and coach. Since 2013, she has trained as an Internationally Accredited Life Coach, Post-Natal Yoga teacher, and Meditation facilitator. With an Honours Degree in International Studies and a Graduate Certificate in International Development focusing on empowering women in the developing world, she has always been focused on women: why the world views them in a particular way, and what they can do about it.

In 2020, Amy created 'Mama Rising', a Facilitator Training program empowering women who work and support mothers around the world in her unique insights into Matrescence, and how to take the research and support mothers differently.

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It's time to change the way the world views mothers... and mothers view themselves.

This is what Matrescence can do.

Download the FREE 'Matrescence Map' – Twenty pages, ten years of research, thousands of mamas' experiences, and more than a decade of questions answered, ALL IN ONE PLACE.


Bring Matrescence to the World?

Become a Mama Rising Facilitator and Coach and receive the latest Matrescence training, resources, and professional accreditation you'll need to thrive in your own business or in your current workplace.

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