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We’re creating
a revolution.

The Global Matrescence Foundation exists to revolutionise how mothers are seen, valued and supported in our world.

Together with our partners, we liberate women from the patriarchal view of motherhood and womanhood, and provide the Village of support families need to raise the next generation of healthy and compassionate human beings.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to give mothers everywhere the Village of support she should have - no matter her age, gender, sexuality or race.

We do this by:

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Global Matrescence Foundation Scholarship Program

We offer a growing number of Scholarships for the Mama Rising Certification training and ongoing support to build their impact in the world.

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Mama Rising Ambassador Program

We empower Mama Rising Ambassadors in key areas of the world and in under-represented communities. We invite our Certified Mama Rising coaches specialising in disadvantaged and under-represented communities to apply to be a Mama Rising Ambassador. As an Ambassador, they will receive a salary and ongoing mentoring and training to work with mothers in their local community or specialised area of expertise, as well as ongoing costs to market and run their business, and any approved additional resources these mothers may need (eg: nappies/diapers, baby clothes, sanitary products).

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Pro Bono Coaching for Mamas

Continually building our Pro Bono coaching partnerships and communities, ensuring that mothers with financial difficulties, trauma, disability or disadvantage can access a Mama Rising Coach when needed whilst the Mama Rising Coach still is paid at above industry standard.

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We Believe

If a women can be supported to understand the transition into motherhood by someone who deeply understands her own unique circumstances, then she is less likely to feel isolated, the rate of depression, anxiety and exhaustion will reduce, she will feel proud of herself and what she is doing, and see herself as worthy and valuable.

If a mother feels worthy and valuable, then she will be empowered to ask for help, make better decisions for herself and her family, and advocate for herself and her child.

And everyone wins.

Our Results So Far


scholarships granted for mama rising facilitator training


mama rising accredited facilitators across 14 countries


dollars invested in training and supporting our first Ambassador in Africa

Get Involved:

Sponsor an Ambassador

Help us fund 4 more Mama Rising Ambassador Coaches in 2023, specialising in:

  • Regional and Remote Australia
  • Domestic Violence (Australia)
  • Mothers at Risk of abandoning their children (South Africa)

Invite us to your Workplace

Invite us to your Workplace or Organisation to host workshops, or instigate a parental coaching program for your staff.

Become a Mama Rising Coach

Join the only ICF-recognised coaching training based on the unique insight of Matrescence and motherhood. With over 200 trained coaches in more than 14 countries globally.

Meet Gladys:

Our First Mama Rising Ambassador


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Want to become a sponsor or supporter?

Use the contact form below to find out how you or your organisation can be a part of the Global Matrescence Foundation's vision.