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Ngombo Chansa-Isaacs

Core Focus: Motherhood

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To me mothering in alignment with my values means choosing to romanticize my existence, sitting in the driving seat of my life and treating myself with kindness. Having an adventurous life is really important to me which is why just over two years ago, I heeded the call of my intuition and returned to my roots in Zambia after living as a daughter of the diaspora in England for 30 out of my 36 years. I've since settled in the lively capital city of Lusaka with my husband and 2 children where we are thriving as a family in an environment that feels like home.

My journey into this work was sparked by my own personal struggle with postnatal depletion, postpartum depression and anxiety following the birth of my youngest child just over six years ago. I have experienced first hand how the right tools, understanding and care can transform Motherhood from a daunting and overwhelming experience into an expansive, evolutionary journey filled with joy.

My offerings:

*Postpartum 101- An accessible, online Postpartum Planning group session which takes place before baby's arrival, that is designed to empower expectant Mothers who would like support and guidance with planning the best postpartum experience possible. How a woman experiences postpartum plays a critical role in shaping her wellbeing, quality of life and health for many years to come, that's why it's very important to figure out how you will get the rest, support and care you will need.
We will answer very important questions like, who do you want to visit in the first few days and for how long? What will your support system look like? How will you deal with night feeds and sleep deprivation? How will you be sustained nutritionally? Who can be called on for a listening ear free from judgement and advice? Together we will go through all this and much much more, so that once you have given birth you can focus your energy on healing, enjoying your rest and nourishing your baby.
*Private 2:1 couples and 1:1 sessions are also available*

1:1 Birth Reflection Sessions-an opportunity to talk openly and honestly about your experience of birth. I offer these one off sessions in order for you to tell your story, because your story deserves to be heard and acknowledged. Birth is an experience that stays with us for the rest of our lives, sadly not everyone gets to have the birth experience they imagined. How we experience birth and the way in which we are initiated into Motherhood affects how we feel about our body, our partner and mothering going forward. Unfortunately many Mothers have difficult birth experiences that leave them feeling sad, distressed, traumatised and/or deeply disappointed. Taking time to unpack and process what happened to you by telling your birth story from start to finish in a supportive and nurturing space is a powerful experience that can help you heal and move forward.

1:1 Coaching- I provide coaching sessions for Mothers as they navigate the complexities of Motherhood. My passion and devotion for this work stems from witnessing the profound transformative effect that occurs in a woman’s life when she connects with her inherent strength and chooses to experience Motherhood in a way that resonates with who she truly is.
This for you if:
*you want to feel more present and less like you are just going through the motions
the experience of pregnancy, birth and/or Mothering has felt 10x harder than you thought it would
*you feel like you’ve lost your confidence since becoming a Mom and you desperately want to get it back
*you want to be free from the shackles of Mom-guilt and the “perfect Mother myth”
*you’re uncomfortable with the amount of time you feel anxious, angry or "checked out" when you're with your children
*you feel like the relationship you have with yourself and/or your partner is having a negative affect on how you show up as a Mother
*something feels off and you are ready to do something about it
One off, 3 session and 6 session packages available.

Reclaim your identity and experience Motherhood in a way that feels connected with who you were and who you want to be!


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