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We are here to revolutionise the way the world sees, values and supports you.

Here you will find Matrescence Education to guide you through this period of transition called Matrescence - whether you're looking for a coach, a mentor, a teacher or a speaker.

This is the gathering place of change makers and space holders.

Every movement begins with a first step

Mama, your journey starts here

The Mama Rising Movement was born out of a desire to revolutionise the way motherhood is seen, valued and supported in this world because the world really needs mamas to rise.

 One of life’s most sacred, divine and challenging transitions, the shift from woman to mother deserves to be acknowledged, honoured and understood – and Matrescence Activists play a crucial part in providing meaningful support for women as they navigate this change.

Our approach to supporting mothers is unique: we guide them through the beauty and confusion of this discovery process and help them get to know themselves again - as a woman and as a mother.

Our Mama Rising Facilitators are trained in the very latest insights into Matrescence and redefine what our culture and society says makes a good mother.

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– Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, Mama Rising Creator and Matresence Educator and Activist

What is Matrescence?

Matrescence is the radical identity shift a woman goes through as she steps into and continues to grow through motherhood.

Ready to rise?

Find a Facilitator

Catering to all different needs, experiences and stages of motherhood and life, find your Mama Rising facilitator here. Our practitioners are trained to provide mamas with revolutionary support, inspiration and guidance.

Matrescence begins the moment you consider motherhood. Find a coach or doula to walk with you as you prepare for the birth of a new You.

The birth of your baby is also the birth of You. Find a coach or guide to support you in the first 40 days - and beyond.

We tell women they need to work like they aren't a mother, and mother like they don't work. Our coaches can support you to change that forever.

It shouldn't be all up to you. Find a coach to support you in redefining your role, your relationships, your worklife balance, and your happiness.

Motherhood changes how you feel about your body, sex and your partner. But it can also be a chance to change it for the better. Find a coach to support you.

Being Superwoman is not the answer to trying to 'do it all'. Before you run into that wall and burn yourself out, find a coach to redefine your values, your work, and your life.

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It takes a village – and this village will give you the hope, joy and peace you need to embrace every stage of your motherhood journey. Listen to the Happy Mama Movement Podcast now.

Mama Rising - Matresence Education Certification

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By the end of this Matrescence Course, you will not only be able to support mothers in a whole new way...

You will be a registered Mama Rising® Facilitator, with all the resources, ongoing training and support

you need to thrive.