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Sarah Senthi

Core Focus: Motherhood

Sleep Consultant, Maternal Wellbeing Coach, Mama Rising Facilitator and founder of The Mumma & Me.
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Sarah Senthi


Hello I’m Sarah – Sleep Consultant, Maternal Wellbeing Coach, Mama Rising Facilitator and founder of The Mumma & Me.

I’m Mumma to 3 little people, boy/girl twins and a 6 year old boy. For as long as I can remember I loved babies, I had a passion for early childhood, worked as a nanny and early childhood educator.

In 2016 I had my first son and moved to South Africa when he was just 8 weeks old for my husband’s work. I had no support, a cat napping baby and despite all my previous experience with babies and children I somehow had no idea what to do with my own! I knew nothing about being a mother and here began the journey.

By the time Jai was 9 months old I was exhausted, still not sleeping, had no idea who I was anymore and needed help to figure out what was going on! I worked with a friend who was a Wellness Coach to find ‘me’ again and from that experience The Mumma & Me was born. My attention shifted to the necessity of supporting mothers , who are thrown in blindly with no guide, no knowledge handed down (if you exclude all the conflicting advice) you are just sent home with a baby and the assumption that you will know what to do, or figure it out!

So in 2017 I completed my training to be a Wellness Coach and was gearing up to start my coaching business with a focus on Maternal Wellbeing, when I found out I was pregnant with twins and had to deal with that dream being put on hold, cue disappointment. I ended up with another two terrible sleepers, a whole lot of anxiety and when severe sleep deprivation hit, my final breakdown saw me raise the white flag, surrender and finally ask for help so I ended up in a mother & baby unit learning how to get my babies to sleep. Realising that I wasn’t meant to know it all automatically and that asking for help didn’t mean I had failed at something I was ‘made for’.

I realised then that I still needed to help Mummas and their families but it was going to be in a different way – I would help with sleep as I believe it is the backbone of overall wellbeing. In 2020 I completed my sleep consultant training and in the same year completed my training to become a Mama Rising Facilitator. I am absolutely thrilled to be in this position, to share this knowledge and support Mummas and families through this major life transformation.



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Website: https://www.themummaandme.com.au/