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Rebecca Rose Flatley

Core Focus: Parenting

Rebecca is a qualified globe trotting professional nanny, holding a BA in early years development and learning and a diploma from Norland College. Her deep understanding of the family home, intimate relationships, mothering dynamics and child development are combined with a wild woman’s awakening.
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I support women and mothers to re realise themselves, and go through life with warmth, wisdom and real, wild beauty.

Through the years I have developed a unique insight into the overwhelm, self doubt and disconnection that women can face before, during or after having children. This has provided me with the opportunity to learn how to be at one with the discomfort, and orchestrate change starting from within.

When I started living cyclically and honoring my own inner goddess, child rearing became a whole lot clearer and joyful. Boundary setting and understandings came from a much greater sense of authenticity and respect. As I went deeper into my inner work whilst consciously (proxy) parenting / nannying solo 24/7 for weeks at a time, I began having moments of total oneness with the process, total presence with the beauty of life. It was at this point that I came across matrescence, and realised that initiations into motherhood are grossly under explained, misunderstood and nearly totally void of 'useful' information in ‘typical’ society.

Over the years, I have supported countless women in various ways through highs and lows, and as a result I am often turned to as the calm within a storm. My years of evenings sharing bedrooms with sleeping children has led to vast collections of self development themed audio books, ebooks, articles, podcasts, meditations, poetry and playlists that I draw on in my soul work, to guide women to live full of grace whilst raising well rounded children. Let me hold you as a soul sister, and know that I've seen it all before, as you unravel, reweave, and realign.

Settled into an eccentric town in the English countryside, I am pregnant for the first time with my own baby. Within the portal between maiden and mother, I am reveling in transformation and visions. I value my peaceful, soulful plant-full home, and my divinely rugged man more than ever. I offer a variety of 1:1 calls, messaging, email and voice memo coaching packages - supporting women just like you in whatever time you've got.


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