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Rebecca Black

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Hey! I'm Bec

Psychologist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and Mumma to two beautiful girls.

I support women to feel more calm, confident and aligned in their pregnancy and motherhood journey.

When I was pregnant with Stevie, I was terrified of giving birth.

My plan was to have all of the drugs and I assumed birth would be painful and traumatic. After I discovered HypnoBirthing, my beliefs and approach to birth completely changed – I started to feel confident, empowered and excited about giving birth, and I went on to have an incredible birth experience.

Cue motherhood.

My early motherhood experience was extremely challenging, and possibly one of the hardest times in my life. It was exhausting, isolating, and confusing. I threw myself into being a mother and I completely forgot to meet my own needs. I often felt like I was failing and struggled to trust my instincts. I could feel myself going through an intense transformation, but at times I felt like I’d lost myself and didn’t quite know my place in the world anymore.

Motherhood is the best journey I have ever been on, but unfortunately we need so much more support than we are provided. When a baby is born, so too is a mother, and she deserves to be honoured and nurtured as she goes through this intense transformation.

I created my business, The Mindful Birth Movement, to support women through their pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.

To help you experience the beauty and strength of a positive, empowering birth experience, and to nurture you as you become a mumma.

So if you're pregnant, I would love to support you to prepare for birth with my HypnoBirthing Program. If you need psych support on your pregnancy or motherhood journey, I am here for you. And I have a group program, Mindful Motherhood, to support you as you navigate the intense transformation of becoming a mother.



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Website: https://themindfulbirthmovement.com.au/