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Nathalie Biviano

Core Focus: Relationship

I am a trauma-informed Marriage + Life Coach and accredited Mama Rising Facilitator.
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Hello mama! I am a trauma-informed Marriage + Life Coach and accredited Mama Rising Facilitator. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Communication --- which I discovered was completely useless when I was in marital quicksand and needed REAL LIFE communication skills. Thank goodness for mentors and coaching!

In 2011, I became a stay at home mama. Fiercely grappling with this new identity and navigating marital conflict, I dedicated myself to marriage mastery. After turning my own marriage around (yes, it's possible with just 1 person taking the lead), I now coach married mums who are married to ‘good men’ but their marriage is void of connection, communication, and conflict resolution skills.

My clients report they now experience playfulness and real conversations, as well as feeling heard, seen and supported in their marriage. Through a highly customised sacred 1:1 coaching container, I also help mamas activate their leadership so they feel less overwhelmed with trying to do it all and have a potent process to guide clients to get crystal clear clarity on their sense of self + purpose. When we're anchored to our purpose and have a husband who always has our back, we stand just that little bit taller.

One client shared:
"If you have a chance to work with Nathalie, you will not regret it!! She is truly gifted at making you feel seen and heard. She easily makes connections and mirrors back always in a gentle, non-judgmental way.
I feel so comfortable exploring things with her that I never would have discussed with anyone before. And I'm so impressed with how she remembers details of our conversations from weeks ago that I actually have forgotten. I know I'm not her only client, but she makes me feel like I am. Nathalie is helping me to be the person I want to be, which impacts all areas of my life. I am beyond grateful for her support and her belief in me."

My mission is to elevate emotional intimacy so children can be modelled truly exquisite partnership.

If you're ready to work with a coach one-on-one to receive tailored time, care and attention, I invite you to book a no-obligation complimentary consult. After 60 minutes, I guarantee you this: you will have an EXACT plan of your next steps (whether or not you choose to move forward with coaching). It's my gift to you.

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