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Louise Berkhauer

Core Focus: Business/Corporate

Working with women 1-2-1 drawing on an array of therapeutic and coaching tools including nutrition, relaxation therapy, mindfulness practice and gentle movement to help bring the women I work with into a healing state and ready to progress to feeling well in their body and mind once again.
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Hi There Mama!

My name is Louise and I am passionate about Mum's emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

My own journey to becoming a Mum was difficult and I personally found becoming a Mum one of the greatest struggles of my life. Diagnosed with postnatal depression and anxiety left me feeling somewhat of a failure in the months after the birth of my son. But, after receiving therapy and medication for over a year I began to wonder why I was only feeling okay and not really making any head way in feeling truly myself again; and then it happened.

I stumbled across the Mama Rising community online and could not get enough of what I was learning.
The most significant insight I found was that it was not me. None of what I was experiencing was my fault. I was not a failure. And so, with this new knowledge of what I now know to be matrescence I dived in. I began my healing journey, carving my own path to recovery focusing on treating myself holistically, developing my own successful treatment pillars that worked for me and could work for you too.

Five years on and my mental health is thriving, my nervous system is restored and I am thriving again as a woman, Mum and wife - something I never thought I would hear myself say!

What do I offer:
I work with women on a one-to-one basis using a variety of therapeutic coaching, educational and holistic tools to help them understand themselves better, heal in a sustainable way and become the Mum and women they want to be.

Who do I work with:
Women who feel lost in motherhood. Who have found the journey of motherhood a struggle and cannot understand why. You may have always achieved your dreams with no barriers but for some reason, motherhood feels extraordinarily difficult. You may be an older Mum who is seeking answers to why this Mum thing is so bloody hard! Many of my clients have returned to work and found that everything just feels wrong and they cannot work out what their next step should be. Or, you may be a Mum who looks around your local playgroup, at your other Mum friends or at the NCT Mums group and thinks - "why have they got it all together and I feel like I cannot do this at all?" and that really upsets you ....we can talk about that ❤

I work with Mums who are ready to feel well again. Mums who want to feel better emotionally and physically. Mums who want to quiet their inner mean mama voice and find their way through to thriving again. Mums who understand that investing in their own health is the most deeply caring act they can undertake for the wellbeing of their whole family.

If you feel that working with me might be helpful in your motherhood journey then get in touch to arrange a free 30 minute exploration call - let's dive in!


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Business/Corporate | mindset | Motherhood | Postnatal | Trauma/Grief 


Website: https://nurturenourishbe.com