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Kirstie Maddocks

Core Focus: Motherhood

I'm a Mama, Midwife, Doula, Intuitive Motherhood Mentor & Healer.
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Hi, I’m Kirstie, I'm a Mama, Midwife, Doula, Intuitive Motherhood Mentor & Healer.

My specialty & passion is supporting Mothers to transition into motherhood with intention, through a variety of supports and programs to allow a woman to feel safe & confident as she unravels and explores motherhood.

Drawing upon my 12+ years experience as a Midwife and personal experience as a mother myself, I provide holistic and evidence based care that supports you and your growing family.

You see, motherhood didn’t come as easily as i’d first hoped for. I was thrown into the depths of motherhood early on and found my sense of self had disappeared in a sea of nappies and 1 hourly wake ups for months…

I had put such a high expectation upon myself that I would ‘succeed’ at motherhood, that I had no where else to go, but down. So I cracked. I ended up in the depths of postnatal depression and anxiety, with no family support around to give me the extra support I needed. It was an inward journey to discover a strength I never knew I had and a determination to change the way I mothered for the sake of my baby boy.

To say my journey into motherhood was hard, is an understatement. But in hindsight, i’ve learnt a lot along the way and acknowledged the critical importance of asking and receiving help and support.

Hence, why I’ve been called to walk with families as they enter into this journey and be that nurturing and supporting mentor from connecting with your baby during pregnancy, to in home support when you first bring your baby home, to when you're questioning who am I now that I'm a mother and where is my village.

Where ever you are at, I'll meet you there and we'll walk together.



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Motherhood | Postnatal | Preconception/Fertility | Pregnancy | Spirituality


Website: https://www.kirstiemaddocks.com/