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Katrina Thomson

Core Focus: Trauma/Grief 

I facilitate compassionate and non-judgemental spaces for loss mamas following Miscarriage, Early Birth and Pregnancy Loss to process, heal and find peace in this next version of themselves.
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Hi! I’m Kat - Miscarriage & Matrescence-Loss Guide.

An impassioned Women’s Circle Facilitator, Pilates instructor and ex-highschool Biology teacher.

Oh and a hard-core miscarriage (or Early Birth as I prefer) advocate.

I am a mother of four: two angels and two healthy Earthside babies. As a woman who has experienced two miscarriages, I learned first hand that the currents systems of support for families around all forms of pregnancy loss are broken. There is something huge missing from how we deal with this devastating time in our lives.

The losses of my babies catalysed a seismic shift in my identity. For me it was a complete unravelling with zero safety-net to catch me. The shattered pieces of me were completely lost at sea with no direction or lighthouse. There was no one to catch me as I began drowning in shame, guilt, grief, resentment and confusion. I’d never felt more alone or broken in my life.

I want every woman who experiences pregnancy loss to feel more seen and less alone than I did. I offer 1 on 1 Support Sessions as well as Women's Circles of Support.



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Website: http://www.miscarriagetransformed.com