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Katrina Court

Core Focus: Motherhood

Katrina is a transformational coach and Mama Rising Facilitator for women in the early years of matrescence who want to do motherhood differently. Through a blend of coaching and mentoring, Katrina supports mamas to mother, live and work in a way that is aligned with who they truly are.
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Hi there mama, if things feel tough right now, I see you - I’ve been there too.

My transition into motherhood was not what I expected, and I spent the early stages of matrescence, feeling like I was trapped in a maze. Disoriented, constantly faced with new challenges, desperately wanting to trust my instinct, but approaching every turn with hesitation and self-doubt.

Wherever I looked I seemed to be surrounded by women who were bossing motherhood, so I just assumed there was something wrong with me, perhaps I wasn’t cut out for this.

For a long time, I internalised my shame and fear and just put on my mask in the hope that at some point it would all work out. But, just as my daughter approached her second birthday, I completely unravelled. Anxious, depressed, and burnt out, I was forced to pause.

I left my 15-year career in Communications, focussed on getting well, and spent a lot of time working on myself through therapy, coaching and learning more about matrescence.

For the first time since becoming a mother, I looked deep within to identify what really mattered to me, and what I wanted, and I opened myself up to the new possibilities that matrescence brings.

This is what led me to retrain to become a transformational coach and a Mama Rising Facilitator – I want to be the support that I felt I never had. I passionately believe that the support women get during matrescence can be life-changing and that we have to normalise reaching out and getting help – we were never meant to do this alone.

I offer a blend of mother-centric coaching and mentoring, all through the lens of matrescence for women who want to do motherhood differently.

Mamas who are ready to break free from the societal expectations and pressures of modern motherhood that have left them feeling frustrated and depleted.

Mamas who want to feel like motherhood is working with them, not against them.

I offer bespoke 1:1 matrescence coaching programmes as well as tailored programmes for mamas returning to their career after parental leave.

If you are curious about what it would be like to work with me I offer free exploratory sessions which you can book via my website.

Mama, let’s do motherhood differently!


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Business/Corporate | mindset | Motherhood | Return to Work/Career 


Website: https://www.katrinacourtcoaching.com