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Jean Dawkins

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Hello! I’m Jean.
I’m a mom, coach, encourager, listener, supporter, nurturer and an Accredited Mama Rising™ Facilitator. I’m walking the same journey you are, just a few steps ahead. My definition of who I am changed completely when my daughter left home for college. It was a lightning bolt moment of realization that life was about to be completely different. There was a space opening in my life with exciting opportunities to explore. I spent the next eight years climbing mountains around the world and along the way, redefined who I am.

The vision for You Have To Just Start began during that time, and the realization that when our kids leave home we need reassurance that what we are experiencing is shared by others. We crave community, connection and validation. I came home determined to create that community and to begin working with women (like you!) to empower you to create your life beyond kids. It’s time to focus on what matters – redefining what is possible for you!


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Website: http://www.youhavetojuststart.com