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Emma Snelgar

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Matrescence Intuitive Guide | Birth Trauma Practitioner | Registered Nurse | Midwife | Author

I am a mum of two boys, and I am deeply passionate about supporting mums through their own spiritual growth and healing as I firmly believe that we are the generation of cycle-breakers so we don't pass our traumas and limiting beliefs onto our children. I have an eight week program called The Sovereign Mother where I work with you 1:1 for an hour each week for eight weeks via zoom. We deep dive through many different aspects of 'the work'- conditioning, limiting beliefs, inner child, forgiveness and so much more and I have woven the learnings of matrescence throughout.

As a non-practising midwife I am also deeply passionate about birth and have completed a Healing Birth Practitioner course so I can support women, birthing people & their partners through their birth trauma so they can begin their path to healing. I include Timeline Reset in these sessions which is a tool used internationally for PTSD and is powerful in it's ability to bring deep healing, quickly.

I am also a big believer in somatic body work and am currently completing a womb and yoni massage course so I can support women on a deeper level through their healing journey.

I have also co-authored two books: Rising Matriarch and Birth New and believe that story telling is a powerful tool in our growth.



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Motherhood | Parenting | Postnatal | Pregnancy | Spirituality | Trauma/Grief 


Website: https://www.empowermatrescence.com