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???????? my name is Georgie. I have a beautiful girl named Edie. Professionally I have worn a few hats over the years. I realise now that always my motivations and passions turned out the same. Uplifting others to feel safe, confident and respected where they are at. In my early venture into motherhood I was amazed at what women were talking about, what they were being told to do or be by professionals, society, books and other women.. mostly causing a lot of silenced shame, guilt and insecurity. I kept thinking ‘How does someone else tell you what’s best for you and your family.. they are not in your shoes?’ There are many ways of being! The doors opened for me into becoming a postpartum support person and I jumped. I jumped because I could see and experienced what was happening in this current culture of womanhood and motherhood. Women need to be gently and warmly given space to find themselves, find what works for them and their family unit and encouraged along the way feeling supported, nurtured and safe to be vulnerable. This is where we find our power. Matrescence is a term I stumbled on while I was pregnant and am continuously developing and embodying this idea and the mental and physical changes that a mother goes through. As well as the current climate of mother care we are in. You will see this is a big key for me, behind understanding how best to support women. I have been my first client and am now just moving forward to help other woman. I have become a postpartum doula and talk with groups of woman to crack them open to the ideas of Matrescence. I love this community and the slow but strong shifts I am seeing in our culture. X



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