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Rebecca Hogan


Hi, I'm Rebecca

I’m a certified life coach and Mama Rising Facilitator based in Wokingham in the UK.

When I'm not coaching or being a Mum to my daughter Ava, I love to read. I read books about women's wellbeing, Matrescence, feminist texts, fiction about strong female characters and also the odd glossy magazine. I also love to make my own clothes and do "yoga with Adriene". Check her out. She is awesome!.

I absolutely love connecting with other women. I love being in all female groups. I find them comforting and encouraging. That's what brought me to coaching.

I’m constantly impressed by the power of coaching. It’s magical to hold space for someone and see the result that asking them thoughtful, powerful questions can have. With coaching we have realisations that help us feel more at ease in our day to day lives. We feel lighter and happier for spending time in a coaching partnership.

As a Mum myself, my passion is to help you enjoy your Motherhood more by empowering you through the exploration of Matrescence. You'll feel calmer, more confident and more connected to
yourself, your family and the adult world again once you've worked out what matters most to you now you're a Mum. You'll feel you can be the Mum and Woman you want to be now.

Coaching is magical and a great way to get your sparkle back.


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Motherhood | Postnatal | Preconception/Fertility | Relationships


Website: https://www.rebeccahogancoaching.com/