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Marija Castellari

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I'm passionate about empowering women to let go of mother guilt, prioritise their needs, and start living with joy.

Why? Because when you’re happy everyone's happy!

I know how hard it can be after becoming a mum. You become so used to nurturing others, that you start to lose your own sense of identity and purpose. Your needs tend to come last.

You start questioning, “Who am I?”. "What ARE my needs?".

But there's good news - you don't have to struggle alone.

By working with Rumble Rise Thrive, you'll be able to:

* Get crystal clear on what’s important to you and prioritise those things

* Create a plan to do less and feel good about it

* Let go of the guilt and overwhelm you’re currently feeling

* Learn strategies to feel calmer and more connected

* Spend more quality time with your children and/or partner



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Business/Corporate | Motherhood | Parenting | Postnatal | Return to Work/Career 


Website: https://www.rumblerisethrive.com