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Louise East

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Hi beautiful, I'm Louise.

I'm a certified Coach and Mama Rising Facilitator who specialises in working with mothers who struggle with perfectionism and guilt.

Using my signature Reconnect to Rise approach, I help women:

- Release the conditioning and beliefs that are keeping them stuck in coping strategies.
- Stop holding onto who they think they should be, so they can be who they really want to be as a mother and woman.
- Let go of comparison and focus on what really matters to them.
- Manage difficult thoughts and emotions and bring more peace and joy into their lives.
- Treat themselves with kindness and compassion.
- Make space in their lives for themselves and their needs, without guilt.
- Identify and ask for the support they need.
- Embrace imperfection and see where their true value comes from.
- Understand themselves better than ever before.
- Feel happier, calmer, lighter, and more confident.

It's an absolute joy and privilege to do this work and see women literally transform in front of me.

I truly believe women become more, not less, when they become mothers and that being your (true) self is the best and most beautiful way to be. There is nothing wrong with you!

I am known for my deep understanding of people, and positive, nurturing style. My clients say I make them feel safe from the outset, navigate difficult topics with love and compassion, and make complex ideas easy to understand.

Women who work with me gain a deep understanding of self, learn to trust and believe in themselves, and confidently create the changes they long for in their lives. They also feel a lot of relief!

I'm also a mum to a little boy and step-mum to three young adults. I love to read, get active (reformer pilates and running are my favourite types of exercise), spend time in nature, travel, and be creative!

Visit my website or follow me on Facebook and Instagram to find free tips and resources designed to help you break free of the pressure and shoulds, redefine success for yourself and prioritise your wellbeing. Course and workshop information is also on my website.

If you're interested in one-on-one coaching, I'd love to offer you a complimentary 30 min call to see if we are a good fit. Send me an email at louise@moretomum.com.au and I'll be in touch soon!

From my clients:

"My shining light, Louise, provided a refuge for me – a safe, compassionate space where she listened, challenged me and my thought patterns and just held space for me to feel what I was feeling.

She helped me to regain confidence and compassion for myself, and to embrace my children as the unique, beautiful little humans they are, having the confidence to tune out the outside “noise”.

A gentle hand on my shoulder, Louise’s empathy, kind nature and knowledge of the path we journey on as mothers, has made her one of my greatest mentors in life, and I can’t wait to embrace more growth with her in the future!"

- Carolyn

"I am beyond grateful that I found Louise. I started coaching with Louise after having a big life change and loosing who I was, my confidence in myself, and feeling stressed. Louise has been right by my side, gently guiding me through a journey of self discovery and growth.

I have a new sense of who I am as a mother and woman, and confidence to tackle challenges ahead. Throughout the whole journey, Louise’s kind and empathetic nature made me feel safe, heard, and nurtured. I came away from coaching feeling lighter and brighter, with amazing life tools and feeling like my true self."

- Jennifer



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