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Katrina Hart

Core Focus: Spirituality

It’s always such an honour to hold space for women to find that inner peace and reconnect with themselves.
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Hi my name is Katrina, I'm a wife, a mum to two young boys (3 and 8) and I'm passionate about helping women slow down, become more mindful and reconnect to the most important person in the world - YOU.

When it comes to my own story, I spent 20 years working my way up the corporate ladder and achieving great success along the way. Yet that success came at a price - it cost me my wellbeing. I was addicted to my busy corporate lifestyle and felt lost - I knew I needed to find a way to slow down, find inner fulfilment and to reconnect to the fun and happy version of myself.

Chasing promotions and perfectionism plus juggling motherhood and the endless responsibilities of modern day life meant I'd lost my sparkle for a life I once loved. 

At the age of 40 and just before the birth of my second child, I decided to study to become a health and wellness coach and a mindfulness teacher. After sitting with dozens of women who were all experiencing incredible amounts of stress, overwhelm and anxiety, it became very clear to me that many women were seeking a more sustainable and connected way of life, particularly after having children.

I launched Hart Retreats out of a deep passion to create a healing and nurturing space where women can come and reconnect to what's important to themselves. An opportunity to contemplate what it means to be a strong woman, what success means and how to support that in day to day life.   

Over the last two years, over 200 women have followed that call within and joined me on retreat.

It’s always such an honour to hold space for women to find that inner peace and reconnect with themselves. Something beautiful happens when women come together. So much healing can happen in a short space of time and I have witnessed incredible breakthroughs and transformations that only a retreat journey offers.



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Website: https://www.hartretreats.com