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Holly McFarlane

Core Focus: Motherhood

I cannot wait to work with you and your organisation.
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With a 10+ year career in the finance industry, followed by maternity leave to have my 2 children, I am passionate about mothers being supported to not only return to, but thrive in, the workplace.

Supporting mothers in the workplace is not just a box to tick. It will take brave leadership, workplace cultural shifts, and policy review & implementation. We will work together to review your organisation's current policies, trends within your industry, and practical & actionable steps that can be implemented to create a workplace for women & mothers to thrive.

Workplaces have changed, pivoted & adapted dramatically since the beginning of this pandamic, and as Amy Taylor-Kabbaz said:

"There is no way that workplaces can ignore the reality of the life of their staff anymore."

I work with organisations who are ready to deep dive into how mothers and families can be supported in their workplace, and recommend practical strategies that can be implemented to increase employee satisfaction & retention.

I cannot wait to work with you and your organisation.



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