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Brielle Thomson

Core Focus: Motherhood

My passion is supporting women to create a motherhood that feels good, one where you feel connected to yourself, your needs, desires and your bodies wisdom. I am a Social Worker, Coach, Circle Facilitator and Embodied motherhood guide as well as a mum of 4. 1:1 & Group Medicare rebates may apply
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Hi, I am Brielle.

My passion is supporting women to experience a motherhood that feels good, one that honour's the journey of challenge, transitions and growth that motherhood brings. A motherhood experience where you feel connected to yourself, your needs and desires and in doing this see how it flows out into your parenting and relationships.
I take an embodied approach to support and encourage and guide you to tap into your body's wisdom.

This isn’t the kind of motherhood that has been encouraged in our society, rather it actively encourages us to fit into an unrealistic version of perfect motherhood. It can take some exploration and time to undo your conditioning and see your connection to yourself as a priority.

I am an experienced Social Worker, Womens Circle facilitator and Life Coach with a passion for supporting women in the areas of conception, pregnancy and motherhood, including adjusting to motherhood, changes in identity and relationships, guilt, anger and self-care, unresolved feelings around a birth, mild to moderate anxiety and depression, overwhelm and assisted conception.

I am passionate about mothers wellbeing and challenging the societal myth of the perfect mother, supporting women to create a motherhood experience that brings them more fulfillment and meets their needs as well as those of their family.

I have almost 20years experience working with women individually and in groups., and have additional training in Non-Directive Perinatal Counselling, Motherhood Studies, Matrescence Education (Mama Rising Facilitator), Feminine Embodiment, Mindful Early Parenting, Birth Story Listening. Medicare rebates may apply in selected circumstances if you are pregnant or have been pregnant in the past 12 months.

Most importantly I am a mum to four children aged from early 20’s to preschool and has been through many up and downs in her parenting journey, each baby and pregnancy loss bringing a new experience of matrescence and growth.



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Meditation/Mindfulness | Motherhood | Neurodivergent Parenting | Parenting | Postnatal | Preconception/Fertility | Pregnancy | Trauma/Grief 


Website: https://embodiedmotherhood.com/