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Allison Kate

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Hi there, I’m Allison

Advanced pranic healer, accredited Mama Rising facilitator and family support worker.
I’m also a mum to two gorgeous girls, an empath and an advocate for a mother-centred approach to parenting. My professional background includes 20 years working with children and families. Currently delivering evidence-based programs as a parent educator. With a special interest in Autism.

I believe that the matrescence journey is sacred, and that if a woman is held and supported through this time, it can be an incredible catalyst for the becoming of who she was put on this earth to be.

I also believe...

• That through teaching women to harness their emotions (goodbye self silencing), the path back to their authentic self becomes clearer.

• That it is possible to be open to the mystical, while still grounding yourself in real-world practicality and evidence-based practices.

• That our soul always knows what she needs next.

And I would be honoured to walk this matrescence journey together.



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Meditation/Mindfulness | Motherhood | Parenting | Spirituality


Website: https://allisonkate.com.au/