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Alison Ryan

Core Focus: Motherhood

I am a trauma-informed Mama Mentor and accredited Mama Rising Facilitator. I am committed to helping mamas create a life they LOVE!
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Hello, beautiful mama!

I am a trauma-informed Mama Mentor and accredited Mama Rising Facilitator. I am committed to helping mamas create a life they LOVE!

I was hit hard by Postpartum Anxiety & Rage after the birth of our second daughter. My motherhood experience wasn’t anything like what I had dreamed about. I felt trapped, totally overwhelmed, very isolated and highly critical. After spending YEARS feeling resentful and angry, I knew if something didn’t change, I could lose my marriage and spend my life regretting how I’d treated our two precious daughters.

I chose to take radical responsibility for my life and who I was being as a mama. I started focusing on myself, learning how to love myself so that I could feel happier and enjoy motherhood more! As I began to consistently show up for myself in the smallest of ways, I slowly started to respect who I was as a mother. I got clear on what I truly desired & valued in my life. And I trusted that when I took REALLY good care of me, I was taking REALLY good care of my family. I created a life that I truly LOVE... and now I help other mamas do the same!

I currently support mamas in an intimate, unconditionally loving one-on-one mentoring experience.

Client Love: “Before I first started working with Alison, I was in a very dark and hopeless place. “How was I going to keep going as a solo mama?”, was a question I often asked myself. Working with Alison has completely transformed my motherhood experience! With the tools, ideas and concepts I learned and implemented with Alison’s guidance, I was able to not only find a way to meet my needs, but to become an EXPERT at meeting my needs! I feel like I got my freakin’ life back!  I can be calm, present, playful and ultimately just feel good and happy. I’ve never felt more seen, heard, understood and supported in my life. Now, I am able to show up so much more as the mama I always imagined being.”

If you're ready to commit to creating a life you LOVE, I invite you to book a complimentary chat. It's my gift to you :) Click here to schedule: https://calendly.com/alisonjaneryanmentoring/one-hour-free-call

For further information about me and the work I do, please visit: https://www.alisonjaneryan.com

"Create space + time for you to reconnect with who you are, and what you what, so you can create a life you LOVE!"


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Meditation/Mindfulness | Motherhood | Parenting | Relationships | Spirituality | Trauma/Grief 


Website: https://www.alisonjaneryan.com